Projects > Montreal Biennale 2009

An open source music initiative curated by Claudio Marzano and Scott Clyke for the 2009 Montreal Biennale.

The goal of this 3 step project is to generate an indefinite number of musical compositions from common source material.

Step 1. Canadian pianist, composer and arranger David Ryshpan created a soundtrack for Rick Leong's painting entitled Dancing Serpent in Dawn's Quiet (2006), a recent addition to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' Permanent Collection.

Step 2. Musicians, DJs and producers across Canada and the world are invited to remix/reinterpret the original score.

Step 3. The remixes are showcased online and as part of an exhibition taking place at the Bourget building from May 1 to 31, 2009.

A selection of the collected remixes are featured on a limited-edition CD and performed live at The Goods at Sala Rossa on May 23, 2009.